• Eklight USD Bank Account updated

    Dear all customers, Good day. Please notice that Our PingAn Bank account is closed already,below is our New bank account details. Beneficiary name : EKLIGHT LIMITED Company Address: RM18V,27/F, Ho King Comm CTR, 2-16 Fayuen ST, Mongkok Kowloon, Hong Kong   Bank Name:  ZHEJIANG CHOUZHOU COMMERCIAL...
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  • Master the most popular LED headlight technology

      As early as many years ago, LED (light-emitting diode) technology has been applied to the materials used to make brake lights for vehicles. It has many advantages approved by lots of car owners, such as extremely low energy consumption, long lifespan, and super fast lighting. Initially, LE...
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  • EKLIGHT LED bulbs are TOP rated for a reason

    EKLIGHT LED bulbs are TOP rated for a reason. Why settle for anything else when you can buy the best thing? EKLIGHT LED kits are built with industry leading, Top of the Line HGL4 LED’s that put out an amazing 6000K color temperature with absolutely perfect for looks and visibility. Our ligh...
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  • EK V11 LED HEADLIGHT (7000lm) Fast delivery

    V11 LED HEADLIGHT (7000lm) (Canbus system build in driver already) 20% brighter than 35w HID bulb : – designed by EKLIGHT Small led bulb size to fit all Headlight:   EK V11 Pictures:   V5/V6/V9/V10/V11/V12 LED bulbs and HID ballasts have in stock,delivery is very fast,welcome to...
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  • EKlight LED Headlamp/Fog Lamp work on Cars/Motorcycle

    EKlight released a special Fanless LED Headlight,it could work on both Cars and Motorcycle. Avaliable type: Hi/low beam: H4, H13, 9004, 9007; Single beam: H1, H3, 880, 881, H7, H8, H9, H10, H11, H16, 9005, 9006, 9012, 5202, PSX24, PSX26, P13W If you are looking for a special Led headlight,come to...
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  • EKlight Customers meeting about K6F fan led headlight

    K6F high-end series fan led headlight,its special function enjoy high feedback from customers. Such as the warning system,our cusotmers from New Zealand,he very likes this function.When fan is broken or block,the current will  drop down from 2.0A to 1A, and the bulb will come with slight flickeri...
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  • 2018 Welcome customers visit us—EKlight

    Eklight in this industry over ten years,we always welcome customers to visit us and discuss lights details,we can R&D the newest products according to customers’ creativity and requirements.We have responsibility constantly prmote headlight development and innovation.So if you have any ...
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  • Eklight latest size of H15 led headlight with built-in canbus

    EKlight always produce good quality lights and supply the best service to all our customers. Recently,we received some customers feedback H15 size too long,it not easy to install,so we changed the size to be more smaller than before and still keep high brightness with built-in canbus. H15 size be...
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  • EKlight new V10L Led headlight with built-in driver 4000k 6000k

    To help our customers increase the business and occupy the market easily,EKlight was working R&D new led headlight with good quality and competitive price to support customers. So the V10L led headlight is coming soon,it also is all-in-one design and available for both 6K and 4K,with CSP2121...
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  • EKlight high power U10S ballast HID xenon built-in strong Canbus ability for most cars

    Features: *Smart canbus:5A fast+canbus 2-in-1 *With slim design,defect rate<0.3% *Real power and voltage 23000v *Strong canbus function,work with most difficult cars: USA VEHICLES: JEEP COMPASS, DODGE RAM 2005/2006, CHRYSLER 2005+ … EURO VEHICLES: BMW E90 2010+,  BMW F10 2008-2012, V...
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  • 2018 EKlight Canbus switchback Led bulbs dual colors

      Some led bulbs when install them on cars that specially require high power,it will appear Hyper flash,error free,alarm or Radio interference issues.Whether do still install it with canbus decorder/resistor to solve these problems? To better to solve these canbus problems but no extra need...
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  • 2018 EKlight 100% CANBUS TERMINATOR T10 3030 LED BULBS

    This T10 series with these features: 1.Use 1.5W highlight epistar led chip, increase 50% brightness than regular model. 2.PCB with Gold immersion process, good look, better heat dissipation 3.Same size as original halogen bulb, ensure perfect installation. 4. Perfect beam light, luminous poin...
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  • 2018 EKlight new design V9 LED headlight with 5V start DRL function

    If you are worried about the reliability of the bulb which has fan as cooling system, then our V9 can dispel your concerns by smart fail-safe system. Features: 1. The V9 with built-in a thermistor near the LED chip, it will monitor the LED chip working temperture real-time. If LED chip working te...
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  • Ciamar a chleachdadh H7 Led Adapter

    Ciamar a chleachdadh H7 Led Adapter

    Ann an iomadh Volkswagen Audi agus càraichean, an solas bholgain a tha stèidhichte taobh a-muigh Criomagan is uidheamaichte le cumhachd cùird a-staigh. Dh'fhaodadh seo ga dhèanamh doirbh a stàladh aftermarket falach iompachadh Pasgannan nas motha oir dh'fholaich bholgain eil freagarrach agus ùr falach bulb mar-thà tha uèirichean. Tha an aon duilgheadas a th 'ann ...
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  • EKLIGHT Stèidhichte ann an 2002

    EKLIGHT Stèidhichte ann an 2002

    EKLIGHT tha an ceannard auto solais ann an Sìona, tha còrr is 7000 meatair ceàrnagach de ISO 9001 & 2008 factaraidh togalach, a h-uile bathar a 'dol E-MARK agus DOTAG-dearbhaidh agus 100% freagarrach airson tùsail chàraichean coitcheann. Tha còrr is 15 proifeiseanta auto solais dealbhaiche, agus aig an aon àm, tha sinn a s ...
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